MYWEBSPORT Le renouvellement

MYWEBSPORT opens borders. Play real billiard world wide - from your home in real time. Benefit from modern technology and top trainers - over a distance of thousands of kilometers. Or take part in tournaments with your friends around the globe - and feel the emotions. MYWEBSPORT offers the opportunity for all this and more. We are happy to welcome you on our website! JOIN THE COMMUNITY & PLAY WORLDWIDE.

The Idea
More than 20 years ago I started to play carom billiards (pocketless) passionately. Within two years I couldn’t find an equal opponent within my close vicinity. In order to improve my technique I regularly travelled from Innsbruck to Vienna since I could find adequate training partners there. Therefore I started some years ago to think about how I could make it possible to play or practice with someone who is far away. One possibility would have been to exchange the coordinates of the balls after each inning via telephone or to communicate in any other way. Since this would be quite cumbersome it would much likely have stayed with a trial game. Above all you cannot watch the other one and cannot really communicate. Due to the development of technology (internet, multi-media technology, etc…) it is now possible to play carom billiards together over distances. When patenting I considered that the system can also be used for other types of games and sports.

I applied for a patent on MYWEBSPORT at the Austrian patent office on April 17th, 2008 under the title
In April 2009 I applied for PCT (world-wide patent)
The development of MYWEBSPORT was finished in March 2009 positively, the tests were successful. On May 20th, 2009 the first prototype was officially presented for the first time.
At the moment there are two systems installed, one in Innsbruck and one in Vienna. Further systems will be installed, the next one most probably in Vienna too. If you are interested in being a test partner for the next systems we will be happy to receive your inquiry. It will go into mass production most likely in February 2010.
Cue games are one of the most played sports in the world. Therefore it is interesting to start with billiards when developing MYWEBSPORT. For over 500 years the game has developed differently in many different countries. In Australia and Canada ‘Snooker’ plays the most important role. In the USA mainly ‘Pool’ but also ‘Carom’ (pocketless) is played. In Europe you will find all different disciplines in different variations. In Russia for instance, they play mainly ‘Pyramid’, in England mainly ‘Snooker’, in the Netherlands mainly ‘Carom’ and in several other countries all disciplines are equally played.

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