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Layani Kalista Brown

Layani Kalista Brown

Curly Maple, Bloodwood, Brazilian wood&Purpleheart with Ebony Inlays

3 Chushion Cue

This  Cue is specially made for quality of factory test on quality of wood and with hand inlay work, fabric used Longoni Nirvana as model with are own touch.
Fabric has done are great job and has passed our test with this cue, it is very good quality and great hand inlay work
Cue has a VP2 closure similar to Longoni, all VP2 Longoni shafts can be used.

Weight Butt is 398gram
Shafts are from 12x laminated wood with a Carbon core for extra stiffness, by laminating with black glue, narrow black lines run over shaft length.
weight shafts 71cm/12mm 126 and 127gram

Includes 20cm Carbon extension

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€ 1295.00


extra shaft

Layani Kalista Brown